Chinese copy of a Worcester teapot

Chinese copy of a Worcester teapot



A blue and white teapot made as a copy of an English Worcester example decorated with the 'fence' pattern.
There is some precedent of the copying of European types in Chinese porcelain. The interesting aspect of this example is that the Worcester original, which would have dated from circa 1770, would have been based on a Chinese predecessor. The 'fence' pattern is an interpretation of a pattern found on Chinese porcelain of the Qianlong period (1736-1795). It is therefore possible that the entire process of copying and counter - copying could have taken place within the space of a couple of decades, which, given the restraints of transport and communication in the 18th century, is no mean feat.

Condition: finial restuck, otherwise fine.

Qianlong period, circa 1780.


Height 12.5 cm / 5"