Kraak pomegranate kendi

Kraak pomegranate kendi



A blue and white Kraak porcelain 'pomegranate' kendi. The body moulded in six panels and decorated with flowers and Buddhist symbols, the slender spout with seven applied twigs and the neck decorated with a bird on a rock and with a six pointed star shaped top.
Although rare, this type of kendi is well documented
. They are extensively covered in Rinaldi's Kraak Porcelain, London 1989, pages 177-179 and there is one in the catalogue of Jorge Welsh's sales Kraak Porcelain, London 2008, pages 176-179.

Provenance: formerly in the Tom Lurie collection and bearing the collection label and no. 437.

Condition: there is a restoration to one of the tips of the star-shaped top and to a chip to the underside of the spout. There is also a minor chip to one of the applied leafy branches. It is otherwise in good condition.

Wanli period (1573-1619), circa 1590-1610.


Height 18 cm / 7 "